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Table 2 Mindfulness training for parents (developed by the HHML)

From: The effect of a family-based mindfulness intervention on children with attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms and their parents: design and rationale for a randomized, controlled clinical trial (Study protocol)

Session Theme Goal
1 Stress of being a parent - Establish motivation to learn mindfulness for promotion of family health
- Introduce mindfulness training
- Introduce body scan
2 Automatic reactions - Introduce stretching
- Notice physiological, emotional and cognitive reaction in stressful moments of parenting
- Use of mindful breathing and nonjudgmental attitude in managing the reaction in parenting
3 Respond to children mindfully - introduce mindfulness to breath and body
- Further notice reactive patterns in parenting
- Introduce three minute breathing as coping
- Practice deep listening in mindfulness
4 Quality parenting - Joint session: practice with children, progress review
- Introduce mindfulness to sounds and thoughts
- mindful living for ADHD children and family caregivers
5 Facing difficulties with kindness - Exploring difficulties with mindfulness practice
- Introduce lovingkindness practice for self-care, and care of others
6 Self-care of parents - Joint session: practice with children, progress review
- Care plan of children and self
- Consolidate learning