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Table 4 Associations between CRA domain scores and PHQ-9 score using multivariable linear regression

From: Providing care to relatives with mental illness: reactions and distress among primary informal caregivers

PHQ-9 score β S.E. P-value 95 % Confidence interval
Lower Upper
CRA domains
 Impact on schedule & health 0.080 0.007 <0.001a 0.067 0.093
 Impact on finance 0.064 0.009 <0.001a 0.047 0.081
 Lack of family support 0.057 0.008 <0.001a 0.041 0.074
 Caregiver esteem −0.021 0.006 0.001a −0.033 −0.008
  1. Socio-demographic variables including age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, education, employment, income, relationship with care recipient and presence of medical condition were controlled for in each of the four regression models where CRA domain was the outcome variable
  2. aResults are statistically significant at P<0.05