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Table 2 Shows prisoner related characteristics of the respondents among prisoners imprisoned in prisons of Northwest Amhara, 2015

From: Anxiety and associated factors among prisoners in North West of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Explanatory variables Frequency (%)
Type of prisoner  
 Life sentenced prisoner 138(21.3)
 Other than life Sentenced prisoner 511(78.7)
Frequency of conduct religious practice  
 Always 308(47.5)
 Sometimes 229(35.3)
 Never 112(17.3)
Participate in income generating activities  
 Yes 389(59.9)
 No 260(40.1)
Did you have a job before you become prisoner  
 Yes 467(72)
 No 182(28)
Did you felt happy with your life until you become prisoner
 Yes 567(87.4)
 No 82(12.6)
Had you been discriminated because of your imprisonment
 Yes 283(43.6)
 No 365(56.4)
How often you feel guilty  
 Always 354(54.5)
 Sometimes 105(16.2)
 Never 190(29.3)
Perceived magnitude of mistake committed  
 Hard 304(46.8)
 Medium 152(23.4)
 Low 193(29.7)
Did you believe on the crime you have committed  
 Yes 267(41.1)
 No 313(48.2)
 I don’t have any idea 69(10.6)
Is the year you penalized is in line with your mistake  
 Yes 30(4.6)
 No 557(85.8)
 I don’t have any idea 62(9.6)
Satisfaction with the care you obtain  
 Satisfied 65(10)
 Medium satisfaction 580(89.4)
 Low satisfaction 4(0.6)