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Table 3 Shows prisoners related mental health problem of the respondents among prisoners imprisoned in prisons of Northwest Amhara, 2015

From: Anxiety and associated factors among prisoners in North West of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Explanatory variables Frequency (%)
Had previous psychiatric problem  
 Yes 92(14.2)
 No 557(85.8)
Family history of mental illness  
 Yes 84(12.9)
 No 565(87.1)
Did you use chat, shisha or cigarette smoking habit  
 Yes 118(18.2)
 No 531(81.8)
Current cigarette smoking habit  
 Yes 31(4.8)
 No 618(95.2)
After you released from the prison is there any impossibilities that make you not run the life you had been before
 Yes 213(32.8)
 No 436(67.2)
Do you have a hope that you could get excuse  
 Yes 414(63.8)
 No 235(36.2)
Social support  
 Yes 420(64.7)
 No 229(35.3)