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Table 2 Overview of measures

From: Effectiveness of blended depression treatment for adults in specialised mental healthcare: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Variable Instrument T0* T1* T2* T3*
Measures taken from patient
Demographics (patient characteristics)   X    
Current and history of treatment   X    
Diagnosis of depression and comorbid disorders M.I.N.I. 5.0 X    X
Depressive symptoms PHQ-9 X X X X
Depressive symptoms & severity QIDS-SR-16 X X X X
Health related well-being (QALY) EQ-5D-5L X X X X
Health care uptake and productivity losses TIC-P TIC-P X X X X
Sense of mastery SOMS X X X X
Treatment preference   X    
Patient expectancy CEQ X    
Therapeutic alliance WAI-SF-PT   X   
Technology alliance WAI-Online Therapya   X   
Client satisfaction with treatment CSQ-8   X   
Satisfaction with the online program SUS SUSa   X   
Possible negative side-effects INEP    X  
Measures taken from therapist
Therapeutic alliance WAI-SF-THb   X   
Satisfaction with the online program SUSc   X   
  1. aOffered to condition receiving blended treatment only
  2. bHas to be completed for each patient. Offered at the same time point as T1 assessment of the patient
  3. cHas to be completed once per therapist after completion of the first blended treatment
  4. *T0 refers to baseline and T1, T2 and T3 to the 3, 6 and 12 month questionnaires