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Table 1 ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes for other psychiatric diagnoses from the National Patient Register

From: Treatment-seeking patients with binge-eating disorder in the Swedish national registers: clinical course and psychiatric comorbidity

Diagnosis ICD9 ICD10
Schizophrenia 295A–295E, 295G, 295W, 295X F20, F20.0–F20.6, F20.8 F20.9
Schizoaffective disorder 295H F25, F25.0–F25.2, F25.8, F25.9, F23.1, F23.2
Bipolar disorder 296A, 296C–296H, 296W, 296X F30, F30.1, F30.2, F30.8, F30.9, F31, F31.0–F31.9, F34.0
Major depressive disorder 296B, 300E, 311 F32, F32.0–F32.3, F32.8, F32.9, F33, F33.0–F33.4, F33.8, F33.9, F34.1, F34.8, F34.9, F38, F38.0, F38.1, F38.8, F39
Any anxiety disordera 300A, 300C F40, F40.0–F40.2, F40.8, F40.9, F41, F41.0–F41.3, F41.8, F41.9
Obsessive-compulsive disorder 300D F42, F42.0–F42.2, F42.8, F42.9
Post-traumatic stress disorder 308, 309A, 309B, 309W, 309X F43, F43.0–F43.2, F43.8, F43.9
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 314 J, 314W, 314X F90, F90.0, F90.1, F90.8
Autism 299A F84.0, F84.1, F84.5
Alcohol use disorder 303, 303A, 303X, 305A F10, F10.0–F10.9
Drug use disorder 304, 304A–304H, 304W, 304X, 305X F11, F11.0–F11.9, F12, F12.0–F12.9, F13, F13.0–F13.9, F14, F14.0–F14.9, F15, F15.0–F15.9, F16, F16.0–F16.9, F18, F18.0–F18.9, F19, F19.0–F19.9
Anorexia nervosa 307B F50.0, F50.1
Bulimia nervosa F50.2, F50.3
Any eating disorder 307B, 307F F50.0–F50.5, F50.8, F50.9
Suicide attempts/completions E95A–E95H, E95W, E95X X60–X84
  1. aAny anxiety disorder does not include obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder