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Fig. 1

From: Non-fatal disease burden for subtypes of depressive disorder: population-based epidemiological study

Fig. 1

Unadjusted characteristics of burden of disease for subtypes of depression. Number of affected respondents (n), mean time spent in depression in days (T), disability weight (DW), quality of life decrement (QALY), years lived with disability per 1 million population (YLD) and standard errors (between parentheses) for major depression and subtypes of major depression; unadjusted for comorbid mental disorders and somatic illnesses. Standard errors of YLD were calculated using the standard rules when multiplying two variables, under the assumption that both variables (DW and PYRS/mln) are independent (se YLD/mln = √ ((se DW/DW2) + (se (PYRS/mln)/(PYRS/mln)2))

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