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Table 3 Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder questionnaire items failed by ≥ 50 % of the sample

From: Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of autism spectrum disorder in a stratified sampling of preschool teachers in China

Question Response Correct % correct (95 % CI)
A child with autism often does better with visual input than auditory input. True 38 (34–42)
Children with autism usually grow up to be adults with schizophrenia. False 32 (28–36)
Changing the diet of a child with autism will make a difference in their outcome. False 28 (24–32)
Children with autism do not show social attachments, even to parents. True 23 (19–27)
Autism occurs in less than 10 % of the population True 20 (16–24)
Autism is curable if diagnosed early and the appropriate intervention is provided. False 5 (3–7)
Autism is a psychological problem. False 4 (2–6)
With the proper treatment, most children with autism outgrow autism. False 4 (2–6)
  1. Note: CI, confidence interval