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Table 5 Multivariate regression analyses between the three factors of the Meanings of Anorexia Nervosa Questionnaire (MANQ) and clinical variables, eating psychopathology, and personality

From: A factor analysis of the meanings of anorexia nervosa: intrapsychic, relational, and avoidant dimensions and their clinical correlates

  Block 1a Block 2b Block 3c
  F p F p F p
Factor 1 0.927 0.491 3.529 0.001 2.115 0.052
Factor 2 1.259 0.282 2.719 0.006 2.144 0.049
Factor 3 2.833 0.011 1.542 0.137 2.323 0.034
  1. aRegression analysis controlled for Body Mass Index, age, duration of illness, age of onset, duration of treatment, duration of psychotherapy and number of hospitalizations
  2. bRegression analysis controlled for Eating Disorders Inventory-2 items
  3. cRegression analysis controlled for Temperament and Character Inventory items
  4. Significant p-values are bolded in the Table