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Fig. 2 | BMC Psychiatry

Fig. 2

From: A PTSD symptoms trajectory mediates between exposure levels and emotional support in police responders to 9/11: a growth curve analysis

Fig. 2

Structural equation model including a second-order linear growth curve model for PTSD symptoms. Exposure is associated with levels of symptoms (intercept) but not with change in symptoms (slope). Levels of symptoms (intercept) affects emotional support at Wave 3, and changes in symptoms (slope) affect support: the steeper the increase in symptoms, the less support will be received (or: the steeper the decrease of symptoms, the more support will follow). Note: Symptoms measured by the PCL checklist of PTSD symptoms [20]. P1, P2, P3, P4 = parcels from 17 item PCL. S1, S2, S3 = Support items. All coefficients are standardized parameter estimates based on maximum likelihood. Non-significant (P > 0.05) coefficient is indicated by a dash line

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