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Table 1 Overview of assessments

From: BEATVIC, a body-oriented resilience training with elements of kickboxing for individuals with a psychotic disorder: study protocol of a multi-center RCT

Instrument Screening Intake Baseline Post-assessment Follow-up I Follow-up II Follow-up III
Questions for therapist x       
MiniSCAN   x      
PANSS   x   x x x x
Autobiographical questionnaire    x     
WOF    x x    
Emotional faces paradigm    x x    
MST    x x    
Pedometer    x x    
Faux Pas    x x x   
ZECV    x x x   
ISMI    x x x   
SIG    x x x   
SERS-SF    x x x   
PI    x x x   
IVM    x x x x x
CTS2    x x x x x
MANSA    x x x x x
NHS    x x x x x
SFS    x x x x x
BNSS    x x x x x
Screening risk of substance dependence    x x x x x