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Table 2 Clinical history of NMDA antibody-positive patients

From: Prevalence of elevated serum anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antibody titers in patients presenting exclusively with psychiatric symptoms: a comparative follow-up study

Age/Sex Diagnosis Disease duration Exacerbation number of times First examination Second examination Third examination
Symptom Dilution titer of antibody Symptom Duration from onset Dilution titer of antibody Result of CT scan  
59/M Major depression >10 years 3 Delusion, Anxiety, Insomnia, Irritation, Suicidal feeling, Excitement, Obfuscation ×1000 None 7 months <×2 (Negative) Bilateral renal cysts Not examined
22/F Schizophrenia 0 1 Auditory hallucination, Oral dyskinesia ×10 Amelioration (auditory hallucination, delusion) 3 months <×2 (Negative) No tumor Not examined
56/F Schizophrenia 0 1 Catalepsy, Irritation, Insomnia, Polyphrasia ×10 None 5 months <×2 (Negative) No tumor Not examined
44/M Schizophrenia 0 1 Auditory hallucination, Delusion, Anxiety, Flattened feeling ×20 Amelioration (Tonic state/development disorder) 5 months ×5 (Positive) No tumor On 11 months from onset, tonic symptom remains, antibody dilution titer < ×2
22/F Schizophrenia >10 years 5 Auditory hallucination, Delusion, Excitement ×20 Amelioration (delusion of persecution) 7 months <×2 (Negative) No tumor Not examined
47/F Undetermined → Schizophrenia 0 1 Excitement, Catatonia, Obfuscation ×20 None 6 months ×10 (Positive) Myoma of uterus Not examined