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Table 5 Participation needs

From: Pathway to mental health recovery: a qualitative and quantitative study on the needs of Chinese psychiatric inpatients

Participation needs (16 items) Frequency (n = 183) Frequency rank
Collaborating with professionals in setting treatment and care plans 129 4
Learning and practising self-management 132 3
Enquiring about personal needs and arrangements 142 1
Providing opinion on how to improve the services and facilities of ward 107  
Keeping in touch with the outside world 135 2
Expressing needs and following up whether needs are meet 119 6
Understanding the treatment and rehabilitation plans and providing enough information for healthcare professionals to take reference 95  
Learning from other patients 91  
Reporting discomfort actively 121 5
Expressing personal feelings 118 7
Preparing for the interview with healthcare professionals 90  
Learning how to cope with stress and prevent relapse 106  
Participating in vocational training 116 9
Participating in social activities 118 8
Participating in training of domestic and self-care skill 111 10
Learning how to take care of others 78