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Table 1 Risk factors in the PredictD algorithm and the regression coefficients after shrinkage

From: External validation of the international risk prediction algorithm for major depressive episode in the US general population: the PredictD-US study

Prognostic factor Levels in factor Coefficientsa
Constant   1.155
Age Each year −0.005
Sex Female  
  Male −0.212
Education Beyond secondary education  
Secondary education 0.089
Primary/no education 0.409
Trade/other 0.566
Difficulties in paid and unpaid work No difficulties or often supported  
  Difficulties without support 0.366
Physical health Each point on SF-12 subscale score −0.030
Mental health Each point on SF-12 subscale score −0.055
First-degree relative with emotional problem No  
  Yes 0.395
Discrimination No  
  In one area 0161
  In more than one area 0.736
Lifetime depression No  
  Yes 0.489
Country UK  
  Spain 0.23
  Slovenia -0.729
  Estonia -0.467
  The Netherlands -0.115
  Portugal -0.169
  1. a Regression coefficients after shrinkage (King et al. 2008) [13]