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Table 1 BADI content

From: Internet-based modular program BADI for adjustment disorder: protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Module Exercise Aim of the exercise Activity in the module
Relaxation “Body” Progressive muscle relaxation Relieving muscle tension, relaxing body, enhancing stress resistance. Learning how to actively relax in stressful situations Progressive relaxation using voice-guided instructions. Participant performs progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Duration 5-10 min.
Breathing awareness Recognising breathing pattern and relaxing Structured self-observation exercise. Participant concentrates on breathing and present moment. Duration 5-10 min.
Body scanning Focusing mindful attention, reducing tension, achieving mind-body balance Voice-guided structured exercise. Participant focuses on breathing and sensations. Duration 5-10 min.
Time management “Time” Priorities of the day Recognising core values, choosing between alternatives, establishing personal guidelines Voice-guided fantasy exercise and pencil-paper list making. Participant plans and implements important day activities. Duration 5-15 min.
Accomplishment Revealing valuable task of the day, planning action and execution Participant writes down three tasks, then chooses one and divides it into smaller pieces. The participant then makes a schedule for those divided taskas. Duration 5-10 min.
Planning pleasant activities Making decisions, taking actions, preventing distress, creating positive experiences Brainstorming, planning and implementing homework assignment. Participant plans and implements pleasant activity. Duration 5-10 min.
Mindfulness “Space Walking meditation Establishing posture, concentrating on action, relaxing and focusing attention Voice-guided structured exercise. Participant performs relaxation and meditation while walking. Duration 5-10 min.
Seeing meditation Anchoring attention, relaxing and concentrating on the moment Voice-guided structured exercise. Participant performs sight concentration exercise focusing attention at the moment. Duration 5-10 min.
Letting go of thoughts Concentrating on sensations, relieving negative thoughts and tension Voice-guided structured exercise. Participant performs visualisation exercise. Duration 5-10 min.
Strengthening relationships “Relationships Partners’ encouragement Developing empathy, sharing partners’ feelings, coping with interpersonal stress and preventing conflict Reflexion, structured action planning and implementation exercise. Participant is asked to choose one way to encourage partner and realise this at the moment. Duration 10-15 min.
Assertive message Sharing expectations, training assertiveness, preventing conflict and increasing social support Reflexion, structured action planning and implementation exercise. Participant reflects upon important people and shares assertive message to them. Duration 5-15 min.
Appreciation Expressing appreciation, encouraging cooperation, strengthening connection Reflexion, structured action planning and implementation exercise. Participant shares ones needs and appreciation with the partner. Duration 5-10 min.