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Table 1 Financial costs and carbon conversion factors for health care use and other assumptions made

From: Evaluating sustainability: a retrospective cohort analysis of the Oxfordshire therapeutic community

COST (£)
 A&E attendance £113 b
 OPD appointment £135 b
 Physical health cost per bed-day £399 b
 Mental health OPD appointment £100 b
 Mental health cost per bed-day £430 b
 GP consultation £45 b
 Bus journey £2-assumed
 Petrol £1.40 / L-assumed
 Cost for travel incl staff and patient travel (from survey) £8.10/pt/wk (urban)
£3.70/pt/wk (rural)
 Cost of energy £15.60 / kWh (British Gas standard price)
 ED attendance / one bed day 91 kgCO2e c
 OPD appointment 56 kgCO2e c
 Mental health OPD appointment 59 kgCO2e c
 Mental health cost per bed day for INPT 97 kgCO2e c
 GP consultation 66 kgCO2e c
 Medication conversion factor 0.4 kgCO2e/£ a
 Energy conversion factor 0.5 kgCO2e / kWh a
 Bus conversion factor 0.1 kgCO2e / mile a
 Medium sized car conversion factor 0.2 kgCO2e / mile a
 Carbon footprint for travel incl staff and patient travel (from survey) 9 kgCO2e/pt/wk (urban)
7 kgCO2e /pt/wk (rural)
 Average fuel consumption for car 60mpg
 Type of car used Small average car size
 Total area of all treatment rooms and office space used by TC 185 m2
 Carbon footprint per square metre of outpatient room 147kWh/m2 annually
 Duration of equipment used 5 years
 Cost of laptop / easy chair / desk chair / desk £400 / £200 / £400 / £150
 Salaries of staff Taken as average salaries b
 Staff time dedicated to therapeutic community intervention and number of patients in service at any given time Estimated by director of service
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  2. b Curtis Report 2013 [25]
  3. c SDU [3]