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Table 1 Unit characteristics

From: Recovery-based staff training intervention within mental health rehabilitation units: a two-stage analysis using realistic evaluation principles and framework approach

Unit Code Difference in Time Use Diary Scores (Follow up minus baseline) Location Type No of beds Team (staff working on the unit at baseline)
Psychiatrist Psychologist Occupational Therapist
0102 3 City Hospital 14 Yes Yes Yes
0804 5 City Hospital 26 Yes Yes Yes
2902 −6 Suburban Community 31 No No Yes
3106 2 Suburban Community 18 Yes Yes Yes
3301 4 City Hospital 25 Yes Yes Yes
3704 −2 City Community 20 Yes Yes Yes
4203 7 City Hospital 15 Yes Yes Yes
4204 4 City Community 15 Yes Yes Yes
  1. Bold: Selected units for qualitative case study analysis