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Table 4 Themes and Sub-themes Index

From: Recovery-based staff training intervention within mental health rehabilitation units: a two-stage analysis using realistic evaluation principles and framework approach

Themes Sub-themes
Predisposing People involved from units in sign-up
Reception of GetReal Expectations
Knowhow prior to training
Positive views
General perception of staff about GetReal
GetREAL Training GetREAL training workshop
Attendance level
Staff views on training day
Staff views on training facilitators/educators
Fresh perspective
Staff engagement during training
Went well during training
Improvements for next time
Change in practice Goal setting
Planning activities
Progress in activities
Meaningful activity
Motivation for change
Types of activities
Links with community teams
Structural changes Shift patterns
Changes to structure
Service User engagement in activities Dealing with challenging people
Dealing with hierarchy Permission issues
Managing Continuity
GetREAL legacy Maintaining the legacy
Post GetREAL contact
Success/knock on effect
Action plan
Achieved by GetREAL team