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Table 3 A hierarchical multiple regression analysis of determinants of K6-scores: contributions of each variable block to changes in R2

From: Prevalence and correlates of psychological distress symptoms among patients with substance use disorders in drug rehabilitation centers in urban Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Determinants R2 Δ R2 F df ΔF Sig ΔF
Block 1 Socio-demographics 0.134 0.134 6.788 4,175 6.788 p < 0.001
Block 2 Behavioral 0.175 0.041 8.587 5,174 7.383 0.004
Block 3 Psychosocial 0.262 0.087 10.148 7,172 8.728 p < 0.001
  1. Note: R2, F and df describe the overall regression equation after each block has been entered into the model. ΔR2, ΔF, and significance ΔF describe the contributions of each individual block