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Table 1 Questionnaire

From: What are the barriers to access to mental healthcare and the primary needs of asylum seekers? A survey of mental health caregivers and primary care workers

1. Socio-demographic and professional characteristics:
 Age range Number of years spent working with AS
 Gender Amount of time spent working directly with AS during an average workday
2. Subjective assessment of proportion of AS with mental health problems:
What is the prevalence of psychiatric illness amongst the AS population? What proportions of AS are receiving appropriate mental health care?
3. Priority needs of AS:
In your opinion, do asylum seekers have
  adequate financial resources? access to means of communication to be able to contact relatives living in their countries of origin ?
  adequate means to assure appropriate hygiene?
  adequate means to assure appropriate nutrition? access to secure living conditions?
  good access to schooling for their children? access to public transportation?
  access to appropriate housing conditions? access to the practice of religion?
In your opinion, a priority need for asylum seekers is
  to increase access to employment? to improve access to somatic care?
  to increase access to vocational training? to improve access to dental care?
  to increase access to legal aid? to improve access to psychiatric care?
  to improve housing conditions?  
4. Barriers to access to mental healthcare:
In your opinion, what are the reasons for not consulting?
  Trivializing of mental suffering Fear of lack of confidentiality of consultations
  Negative opinion of psychiatry Previous negative psychiatric experience
  Fear of being stigmatized by ones community Fear of receiving medication with side effects
  Lack of information on the existing mental health care services available Fear of involuntary hospitalization
Fear of being penalized in ones application for asylum
  Complexity of the healthcare network Fear of being discriminated against by caregivers
  1. Abbreviation: AS asylum seekers