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Table 2 Adverse Events

From: A pragmatic randomized control trial and realist evaluation on the implementation and effectiveness of an internet application to support self-management among individuals seeking specialized mental health care: a study protocol

Adverse Event Measure Description
Mental health Hospitalization CSRI; Health administrative data Number of hospitalizations on a psychiatric unit
Mental health ED visit CSRI; Health administrative data Number of ED visits for a mental health reason
Crisis service use CSRI Number of times using crisis supports
Increased suicidal ideation PHQ-9 item 9 Increase in PHQ-9 item 9 score
Death Health administrative data All-cause mortality
Worsening depression or anxiety PHQ-9, GAD-7 Increase in PHQ-9 or GAD-7 score over the prior 3 months
Declining social and community integration CIQ Decrease in CIQ score over the prior 3 months
Worsening disability EQ-5D-5 L Decrease in EQ-5D-5L scores over the prior 3 months
Medication discontinuation Author question added to CSRI Self-reported discontinuation of psychotropic medication without provider knowledge
  1. CSRI client service receipt inventory, PHQ-9 personal health questionnaire, 9-item, GAD-7 generalized anxiety disorder questionanire, 7-item, CIQ community integration questionnaire, EQ-5D-5 L Euro-QOL quality of life measure