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Table 2 Outline of the Dutch Adaptation of the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Programme

From: ‘I’ve Changed My Mind’, Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) for pregnant women with a high level of fear of childbirth and their partners: study protocol of the quasi-experimental controlled trial

Week 1 Background of mindfulness, the MBCP programme, introduction to mindfulness meditation through an eating meditation, awareness of breathing meditation.
Week 2 Body scan meditation, attitudinal foundations of mindfulness, community building.
Week 3 Awareness of breathing meditation, body scan meditation, psycho-education: physiology of childbirth from a body-mind perspective.
Week 4-6 Yoga, sitting meditation, pain meditations using ice and a variety of pain-coping strategies, expanding the capacity to “be with” unpleasant/challenging sensations in the body and unpleasant or stressful thoughts and emotions, 3-Minute Breathing Space meditation, exploration of the notion of “being in control” during childbirth, psycho-education: baby's journey through the pelvis.
Week 7 Session of silence, body scan, yoga, sitting meditation, mindful eating, walking meditation, mindful speaking and listening inquiry practice regarding fears and joys around childbirth and the life change the couple is living.
Week 8 Loving-kindness meditation, psychoeducation: biological, emotional and social needs of the newborn and mindfulness practice for moment to moment caretaking, the needs of the postpartum family.
Week 9 Psychoeducation: physiology of breastfeeding, mindfulness as a skill for coping with breastfeeding challenges and postpartum adjustment, closing ceremony.