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Table 3 Multivariate analysis among all subjects, without the interaction between SRH-global and SRH-age

From: The cross-interaction between global and age-comparative self-rated health on depressive symptoms–considering both the individual and combined effects

  CESD on SRH-global CESD on SRH-age
beta SE p-value beta SE p-value
 Low 0.51 0.05 <.001 0.52 0.06 <.001
 Middle ref    ref   
 High −0.07 0.05 0.130 −0.59 0.05 <.001
  1. The other covariates including gender, age, marital status, living area, regular exercise, emplyment, educational level, income level, number of chronic diseases, cancer history, excessive health expenditure, type of medical guarantee and co-coverage from private health insurance were adjusted