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Table 6 Synthesis of the main results regarding patients’ attitude and perception

From: Pre-discharge factors predicting readmissions of psychiatric patients: a systematic review of the literature

Variables Number of studies resulted significant/Number of studies analysing the variable Main significant resultsa
Main significant resultsa
Patient’s satisfaction with treatment 1/1 Satisfaction protective factor (1) Satisfaction protective factor (1)
Patient’s compliance, attitude toward medication and follow up visits 5/8 Positive attitudes protective factor (4)b Positive attitudes protective factor (1)
Insight into illness/denial of diagnosis or prognosis 3/5 Caregiver’s denial risk factor (1)
A sealing over
recovery style risk for involuntary readmission (1) Insight risk factor (1)
Insight risk factor (1)
  1. One paper with not significant results on perceived coercion and on perceived risk to self or others was also found
  2. a The number of significant results (when present) is reported in brackets for each variable. Please note that such numbers refer to the papers, and that more than one variable in the same row could be analysed in the same paper; moreover, not all studies conduct both bivariate and multivariate analysis
  3. bplus one where readmission status was associated with having a greater level of intent to attend outpatient medical and psychiatric appointments