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Table 4 Results from GLM whole surface vertex-wise between-group analysis of cortical thickness

From: Brain volumes and regional cortical thickness in young females with anorexia nervosa

  Annotation max vertex MNI coordinates max vertex (x, y, z) Size (mm2) CWP
Left hemisphere Superior parietal gyrus −25.1 58.6 58.1 1766.95 0.016
Right hemisphere Superior parietal gyrus 18.8 −71.1 44.1 2402.59 0.002
Inferior parietal gyrus 41.1 −71.6 35.5 2218.18 0.004
Superior frontal gyrus 23.1 0.5 62.2 1674.74 0.026
  1. Results from GLMs testing for group differences in cortical thickness between patients with anorexia nervosa and controls, controlling for scanner, and with simulation-based clusterwise correction for multiple comparisons. All clusters showed negative associations, indicating reduced cortical thickness in the patient group compared to the control group. Clusterwise CWP < .05