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Table 1 Tablet-based cognitive activities

From: Technology-enhanced multi-domain at home continuum of care program with respect to usual care for people with cognitive impairment: the Ability-TelerehABILITation study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Main domain Activities: examples of contents
Language Reading and comprehension of a piece of newspaper article
Word production from semantic category in a specific time
Word production based on a specific letter
Word production based on a specific syllable
Word production from a semantic category, based on a specific letter
Memory Recall of popular songs, films or actor’s biographies
Memorization of daily life notes or brief messages and recall at the end of the cognitive session
Memorization of a list of words and recall, searching for words which were not included in the list previously stored
Recall of information in the newspaper article previously read and answering questions about it
Carefully looking at a painting and memorizing
Recall of information from a painting previously observed and answering some questions
Inclusion of correct missing words in the text of some popular poems
Executive function Putting things in the correct sequence based on a specific criterion
Putting actions of daily life in the correct sequence
Mathematical calculations
Rebuses (using pictures for words)
Placing hands in empty clocks based on the time indicated in arabic figures
Attention Finding specific words in a grid of mixed words
Finding a specific letter in a grid of mixed letters