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Table 2 Overview of measurements

From: Blended CBT versus face-to-face CBT: a randomised non-inferiority trial

Variable Instrument Items Time (mins) Screening Baseline Weekly 3 months 6 months 12 months
Questions taken from participants
Demographics   n/a 1 X     
Current treatment   n/a 2 X     
Diagnostic interview M.I.N.I. n/a 15 X     X
Depressive symptoms QIDS-SR16 16 3 X Item 12 X X X
PHQ-9 9 2 X X X X X
Treatment preference   1 1 X     
Patient expectancy CEQ 8 2 X     
Working alliance WAI-SF 12 3    X   
Technology alliance TAI-SRa 12 3    X   
Client satisfaction CSQ-8 8 3    X   
Satisfaction with the online programme SUSa 20 3    X   
Drop-out Number of sessions completed - data extraction n/a 0     X  
Patients reason for drop-out. Questionnaire 3 2     X  
Questions taken from therapists
Working alliance WAI-SRT 12 3    X   
Satisfaction with the online programme SUSb 20 3    X   
  1. aOffered to condition receiving blended treatment only, bHas to be completed once per therapist after completion of the first treatment