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Table 4 Concurrent, discriminant and convergent validity measures of the Arabic ISST

From: Reliability, validity and factorial structure of the Arabic version of the international suicide prevention trial (InterSePT) scale for suicidal thinking in schizophrenia patients in Doha, Qatar

  Statistical test   95% CI p-value
Concurrent Validity: ISST total score with Module B total score Pearson’s Correlation 0.64 (0.43, 0.78) p < 0.001
Discriminant Validity:
ISST total score with Module B suicidality risk: ANOVA    
None (reference group) EMM 0.59 (0.12, 1.05)  
Low EMM 2.71 (1.85, 3.57) P = 0.004a
Moderate EMM 6.57 (4.50, 8.65) P = 0.28
High EMM 9.67 (7.83, 1.50) P = 0.01a
Convergent Validity:
ISST total score with CDSS total score Pearson’s Correlation 0.61 (0.42, 0.73) p < 0.001
ISST total score with PANSS total score Pearson’s Correlation 0.43 (0.29, 0.57) p < 0.001
  1. aCompared to the reference group with no suicidality. EMM: Estimated Marginal Mean of ISST total score. Sample used in the validity tests includes both groups, schizophrenia and control groups and the sample size is 199