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Table 1 MindSurf research development plan

From: MindSurf: a pilot study to assess the usability and acceptability of a smartphone app designed to promote contentment, wellbeing, and goal achievement

Stage Research Study Characteristics
I Proof-of-concept exercise n = 1; short time frame; manually send questions
II Pilot study small n; non-clinical sample; short time frame; assess usability and acceptability, mixed methods; manually send questions
III Wellbeing, contentment, and goal achievement study large n; non-clinical sample; population based study; extended timeframe; assess impact of app on wellbeing, contentment, and goal achievement in the general population; mixed methods randomised controlled trial; smartphone app developed and used
IV Impact on psychological distress study large n; clinical sample, extended time frame; assess impact of app on reduction of psychological distress; mixed methods randomised controlled trial comparing face-to-face individual therapy without the app and face-to-face individual therapy including the app; smartphone app used