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Table 3 Interview schedule

From: Qualitative process evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention targeted at people diagnosed with schizophrenia and their primary caregivers in Jordan

1. Background
 • Welcome and thank participant
 • Introduce interview topics
2. Disease History
 • How many years ago were you/ your relative diagnosed with schizophrenia?
 • How long had you / your relative been ill prior to diagnosis
 • PCs – how did you find out about your relatives treatment and care?
 • How did you feel when you/your relative was diagnosed with schizophrenia?
3. Impact on social life
 a. How did your / your relatives disease impact on you / your life (social, working and economics)?
 b. PCs – how much support have you had in caring for your relative
4. Impact of education intervention?
 a. Did you read the information booklets
 b. If no – why didn’t you read the booklets
 c. If yes – did you find them useful – has your knowledge level improved
 d. If yes (PDwS) - do you feel that the increased knowledge of the disease has helped you manage your disease symptoms
 e. If yes (PCs) - do you feel that the increased knowledge of the disease has helped you cope better with the burden of caring
5. Information needs
 a. What was the most useful component of the educational booklets
 b. What was the least useful component
 c. Are there any other aspects of the disease which you would have liked to have been included
 d. How did you feel about the timing of the intervention with education booklets being made available every fortnight
6. Format of education delivery
 1. How did you feel about the use of booklets to deliver this knowledge?
 a. Is there any other delivery format that would have been easier/better for you/your PC?
7. Experience of study
 1. Why did you take a part in this study?
 2. What are you expectation when did you participate in this study?
 3. Has taking part in this study altered your view about schizophrenia? Caring for relatives with schizophrenia? If so please explain?
 4. Would you recommend this educational intervention to other patients/carers? Why?