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Table 1 Content of intake eHealth modules

From: A digital intake approach in specialized mental health care: study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

First module a pre-intake intervention (before the first intake consultation):

 - Patients are informed about psychiatric symptoms and the influence on daily life (e.g. with animations).

 - Patients work on questions about their life events, symptoms, the burden and impact of the mental health problems on daily life (before and after the symptoms) and the urgency which problem changing first. Preferably, this preparation takes place together with a relative.

 - Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) is integral part of the eHealth module.

 - Patients and clinicians, who perform intakes, get a summary of the degree of (dis)satisfaction about life domains, burden of symptoms and the recovery line (ROM).

 - During participation in the eHealth module, patients get the opportunity to contact with peers (by phone or mail) who can support and prepare them for the intake consult.

Second module between first and second intake consultation:

 - Prior to the second face to face consultation, patients look back on the results of the first module and face to face intake consultation. The summary of this first step could be supplemented with new insights. In addition, patients work on questions about the most burdening mental health problem and their own coping style (i.e. type of coping, how to mobilise individual resources). Relatives are asked to answer some of these questions from their perspectives. Finally, the patient starts with preparing their own treatment goals.

 - Equal to the first module, contacting peers is also possible while following the second module.

 - When the module is completed, patients and clinicians will also get a summary of the answered questions.