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Table 1 Definitions of indicators in the SILC questionnaire

From: Violent victimization and health service utilization in a forensic psychiatric context: a comparison between offenders with mental disorders and matched controls

Victimization Health service utilization
Since MONTH YEAR (the past twelve months), have you been subjected to… Have you, during the past three months, because of own illness visited a doctor?
…violence that led to injuries that forced you to seek medical care or dental care? Have you, during the past twelve monthsa, ever considered yourself in need of medical care but did not seek medical care?
…violence that led to visible marks or injuries that did not require medical care or dental care?  
…violence that did not lead to visible marks or injuries?  
… threats of violence or other threats that were so serious that you were frightened?  
  1. SILC Swedish living condition surveys. aThree months in the 2006 and 2007 versions of the SILC questionnaire