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Table 2 Domains and subdomains in web tool Traffic Light Method (TLM)

From: Design of the Lifestyle Interventions for severe mentally ill Outpatients in the Netherlands (LION) trial; a cluster randomised controlled study of a multidimensional web tool intervention to improve cardiometabolic health in patients with severe mental illness

Domain Subdomains
(a) General medical information 1. Physical measuresa
2. Measures from lab testa
3. Physical diseases and handicaps
4. Rating own health
(b) Use of medication 1. Satisfaction with medication use
2. Somatic medication
3. Psychiatric medication
4. Freely available medication
(c) Dietary habits (last 7 days) 1. Satisfaction with own dietary behaviour
2. Rating own dietary behaviour
3. Assessing stage-of-change for dietary behaviour change
4. Assessing dietary habits
(d) Physical activity (last month) 1. Satisfaction with own physical activity
2. Rating own physical activity
3. Assessing physical activity with SQUASH questionnaire
4. Assessing stage-of-change for physical activity behaviour change
5. Sedentary behaviour
(e) Use of stimulants 1. Disadvantages of dependence on substances
2. History of substance abuse
3. Use of alcohol
4. Smoking behaviour
(f) Other lifestyle factors 1. Personal hygiene
2. Relaxation
3. Sleep behaviour
4. Computer behaviour
5. Social environment
(g) Sexuality 1. Condom use
2. Sexually transmitted diseases
(h) Lifestyle planb  
  1. a Measures are taken from the Routine Outcome Monitoring screening conducted within two months prior to the web tool assessment. b Only available for participants in the intervention group