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Table 4 LION trial measurement overview

From: Design of the Lifestyle Interventions for severe mentally ill Outpatients in the Netherlands (LION) trial; a cluster randomised controlled study of a multidimensional web tool intervention to improve cardiometabolic health in patients with severe mental illness

  Baseline 6 months 12 months
Measurements on patient level
 Routine Outcome Monitoring
  General information Birth year, gender, diagnoses, year of first psychosis X   
Medication use X   X
  Physical measures Height X X X
Weight X X X
Waist circumference X X X
Blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, pulse) X X X
  Lab test Lipids (Total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides) X X X
Glucose metabolism (glucose, HbA1c) X X X
  Psychological measuresb CDSS X   X
  Cost-effectivenessa Dutch care consumption questionnaire X X X
 Web tool TLM
  Lifestyle habits Daily physical activity (SQUASH) X X X
Food frequency questionnaire (adapted to patient population) X X X
 Additional measure by research assistant
  Physical activity (pedometers) and body fatnessc X X X
Measurements on staff level
  General information Birth year, gender, level of education, number of years working in psychiatry, function X   
  Staff questionnaire Knowledge on diet and physical activity, attitude towards lifestyle changes in patients, self-efficacy in addressing lifestyle issues with patients X   X
Daily physical activity (SQUASH) X   X
Food frequency questionnaire X   X
  1. a Measures are not part of standard ROM screening but added to ROM screening for the purpose of this study. b The conducted psychosocial measures within the ROM protocol could vary per team, not all teams conduct every psychosocial measure. c Only conducted by one of the five health care organisations (GGZ Friesland)