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Table 2 Estimates of association between insomnia exposure and type 2 diabetes incidence

From: Insomnia symptoms as a cause of type 2 diabetes Incidence: a 20 year cohort study

  Association between type 2 diabetes and cumulative insomnia exposurea
Model OR 95% CI p-value
Attrition weighting only 1.26 1.03-1.54 0.028
Traditional logistic regressionb 1.34 1.06-1.70 0.015
MSM weighted on past covariates only 1.20 0.98-1.46 0.079
MSM weighted based on past and concurrent covariates 1.08 0.85-1.37 0.554
  1. aResults are weighted for attrition and averaged across 25 imputed datasets. Cumulative insomnia exposure is a count of study waves where insomnia symptoms were reported
  2. bConditioned on gender, baseline occupational class and smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity, heavy drinking, and psychiatric distress at each wave