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Table 1 Search terms

From: A systematic review of screening instruments for depression for use in antenatal services in low resource settings

Data base Terms used
ScienceDirect ALL (“screening instruments” OR “screening tools” OR “screening scale”) and ALL (depression AND antenatal).
ALL (“screening instruments” OR “screening tools” OR “screening scale”) and ALL (depression AND pregnancy OR prenatal) AND LIMIT-TO (topics, “woman, patient, depression, depression scale, pregnancy, mental health, depressive symptom, health care, maternal, adolescent, health”).
ALL (EPDS or CESD-10 or HSCL or K-6 or K-10 or SRQ or PHQ or GHQ) and ALL (depression AND antenatal) AND LIMIT-TO(topics, “woman, pregnancy, obstet gynecol, depression scale, depression, health, patient, maternal, depressive symptom, mental health”).
ALL (“screening instruments” OR “screening tools” OR “screening scale”) and ALL (depression or “depressive disorder” AND antenatal or prenatal)
CINAHL TI screening AND TI depression AND TI pregnancy
screening AND depression AND pregnancy AND LIMIT-TO (research article)
screening tools AND depression AND antenatal
epds validity AND depression AND antenatal
TI Edinburgh postnatal depression scale OR TI Hopkins symptom checklist OR TI self-report questionnaire OR TI center for epidemiological studies depression scale OR TI patient health questionnaire OR TI general health questionnaire OR TI beck depression inventory OR TI whooley questions AND TI antenatal AND LIMIT-TO (research article)
MEDLINE TX depression AND TX screening tools AND pregnant women
TI screening test AND TI antenatal depression
TX depression AND TX screening AND TX pregnant women
TI prenatal depression AND TI screening
Pubmed ((((“screening instruments”) OR “screening tools”) OR “screening scales”) AND depression) AND antenatal
((screening[Title]) AND depression[Title]) AND antenatal[Title]
(((screening[Title]) AND depression[Title]) AND pregnancy[Title])
SABINET (alltext:(depression AND screening)^20 AND alltext:(antenatal)^20)
(alltext:(depressive AND disorder AND screening)^20 AND alltext:(pregnant AND women)^20)
PsychARTICLES depression AND screening AND pregnancy