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Table 2 Summary of themes explored through interviews with stakeholders

From: A qualitative study to explore views of patients’, carers’ and mental health professionals’ to inform cultural adaptation of CBT for psychosis (CBTp) in China

 Their knowledge of illness, its causes and its treatment  
 Patients perception of effect of the disease on their lives  
 Presenting problems and care pathways  
 Their experience of modern and traditional methods of help.  
 Their understanding of the ideal treatment. Their knowledge of psychotherapy/CBT  
 Their knowledge of the illness  
 Their understanding of cause and treatment of diseases.  
 The reasons for bringing patient to the hospital  
 Their expectations from treatment and their experience of treatment  
 Their knowledge and experience of traditional methods of help  
 Their understanding of psychotherapy/CBT  
Psychologists & Psychiatrists  
 Their experience of working with schizophrenic patients and their families  
 Their perception of pathways of care  
 Their experience and expectations from psychotherapy for this patient group  
 What are the barriers in providing therapy?  
 What is helpful in providing therapy for this group  
 Which techniques are useful  
 Do they think therapy needs adapting?  
 To explore their opinion on effect of culture and other factors on therapy