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Table 1 Content outline for iFightDepression tool-intervention group

From: Rationale and methods of the iFightDepression study: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of an internet-based self-management tool for moderate to mild depression

Module Content/Aim Worksheet
1 thinking, feeling and doing Recognizing the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behavior. Activity Monitoring
2 Sleep depression Gaining awareness of the influence of sleep on depression. Sleep Diary
3 Planning and doing enjoyable things Building up positive activities in the daily life. Planning Ahead
4 Getting things done Developing skills for problem solving and to get things done. Getting things done
5 Identifying negative thoughts Understanding the link between thoughts and mood, and learning how to recognize cognitive distortions. Events, Thoughts and Reactions
6 Changing negative thoughts Learning how to challenge negative thoughts and how to replace them with more positive alternatives. Thought Challenge
7 Feel better all around: Healthy Lifestyle Giving tips for developing a healthy lifestyle in general. Including healthy diet, exercise and sleep. Sleep Worry Planner