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Table 2 Measures used by study period

From: Rationale and methods of the iFightDepression study: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of an internet-based self-management tool for moderate to mild depression

Measure Baseline assessments (Face to face) Week 2 (Online) Week 4 (Online) Week 6 (Online) Post-intervention assessment (Face to face) 12 weeks FU (online)
Demographic information (gender, age, marital status, etc.) x      
Medical/Psychiatric History x     x  
MINI (depression and suicide risk sections) x     x  
Primary outcome measure:
 -HDRS x     x  
Secondary outcome measure:
 -PHQ-9 x x x x x x
 -CGI-S      x  
 -RDQ x x x x x x
 -EuroQol-5D x     x  
 -FAST x     x  
 -Ad hoc satisfaction Questionnaire      x  
  1. Note: MINI Mine-international Neuropsychiatric Interview, HDRS Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, PHQ-9 Patient health Questionnaire, CGI-S Clinical Global Impression-Severity, CGI-I Clinical Global Impression-Improvement, RDQ Remission from Depression Questionnaire, FAST Functioning Assessment Short Test