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Table 3 Loadings of the QLiS-subscales on the second order factors

From: QLiS-SF: Development of a short form of the quality of life in schizophrenia questionnaire

Scales Loadings
  factor 1 factor 2 factor 3
Factor 1 Illness-related QoL
 Appraisal of pharmacotherapy 0.548   
 Appraisal of psychopathological symptoms 0.710   
 Cognitive functioning 0.821   
 Abilities to manage daily life 0.777   
Factor 2 Social life and finances
 Appreciation by others   0.559  
 Social contacts   0.553  
 Relationship to family   0.558  
 Appraisal of accommodation/housing   0.598  
 Financial situation   0.534  
Factor 3 Global subjective well-being
 Leading a ‘normal’ life    0.702
 Confidence (0.513)   0.585
 General life satisfaction    0.688