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Table 5 Translationa of related items of second order scales

From: QLiS-SF: Development of a short form of the quality of life in schizophrenia questionnaire

Illness-related QoL Social life and finances Global subjective well-being
My medications are making me slow
I often feel depressed and glum
I suffer from distressing thoughts
I have trouble concentrating
I feel dependent on others
I feel impaired by other people (e.g. recklessness, dishonesty, untrustworthiness)
I feel rejected by many people
I perceive my sex life as unfulfilled
I feel lonely and alone
I have too little money for basic things (e.g. proper clothing, little things like cigarettes)
I lead a completely “normal life” just like other people do
I look to the future with confidence
I am satisfied with my life
  1. aSince the original version of the QLiS is in German, these translations were made for the purpose of reporting and still have to be analyzed and validated in a transcultural adoption process. A draft version can be seen in an additional file [see Additional file 2]