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Table 1 ECHO continuity of care factor structure and components

From: Associations between compulsory community treatment and continuity of care in a three year follow-up of the Oxford Community Treatment Order Trial (OCTET) cohort

Factor Factor name Description Components (later omitted) a
1 Experience and relationships High experienced continuity, good therapeutic relationship, a greater proportion of needs met and not having a user-rated break in care. CONTINU-UM b
STAR total score – any professional c
Proportion of needs met
Any user-rated breaks in care
2 Regularity Being seen more frequently by staff from fewer different non-medical disciplines. • Average gap between face-to-face contacts
• Gaps of 2 months or more
• Non-medical input spread
3 Meeting needs High level of need, high number of met needs and CPA copied to GP and user. CAN total level of needs d
CAN number of met needs d
CPA copied to GP and user e
4 Consolidation Having contact with fewer different agencies and not seeing primary care professionals. Number of agencies used in previous year
Contacts with primary care professionals
5 Managed transitions Having no transition, having a transition and it was documented. Having a transition that was undocumented Had a transition?
• Documented transition
6 Care Coordination Having a designated care coordinator, having no psychiatrist or more than two and fewer needs met by informal carers. • Designated care coordinators
• Designated psychiatrists
CAN total level of needs met by informal carers d
7 Supported Living Living in supported accommodation, attending day care and having more letters copied to the user. • Supported accommodation
Attendance at day centre or hospital
• Proportion of letters sent by CMHT or copied to user
  1. aItems in italics were not collected in our study, for reasons given in text
  2. bCONTINU-UMis the ECHO study Continuity of Care User Measure
  3. cSTAR is the Scale to Assess Therapeutic Relationships in Community Mental Health Care
  4. dCAN is the Camberwell Assessment of Need
  5. eCPA is the Care Program Approach