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Table 4 Primary, secondary and other outcome measures

From: The PULSAR Specialist Care protocol: a stepped-wedge cluster randomized control trial of a training intervention for community mental health teams in recovery-oriented practice

Quantitative (Consumer) data collected in the cRCT
Primary outcome 1. Questionnaire about the Process of Recovery (QPR)
Secondary outcomes 2. INSPIRE questionnaire [13]
3. Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) [36]
Other measures 4. Participant Demographic Record
5. Health economic record
6. Days out of role
7. Days absent from work
8. Service utilization questionnaire
9. The Perceived Need for Care Questionnaire (PNCQ) [38]
10. Client Satisfaction Questionnaire [39]
11. Mind Australia Satisfaction Survey [40]
12. The Coercion Ladder [41]
13. Global Assessment of Functioning Scale [42]
14. Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale [42, 43]
15. Routinely collected information in service medical files (data in the year prior to interview):
  Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNoS; 12 item clinician-rated measure of social disability) [39];
  Basis 32 (consumer-rated);
  LSP16 (clinician-rated); and Focus of Care (clinician-rated).
  Diagnosis information
  Number of community/outpatient mental health contacts:
• Care teams involved (discipline)
• Location of contact
• Date and time of contact
• Focus of care for the above
  Number of inpatient mental health admissions:
• Inpatient facility type, and Length of Stay (LOS)
• Legal status e.g. involuntary admission, etc.
Any other relevant mental health related data recorded in electronic file.
Qualitative (Consumers and staff) sub-study data
Consumer qualitative data
 Individual interviews  
 Focus groups  
Staff qualitative data
 Individual interviews  
 Focus groups  
Process evaluation sub-study dataa
  1. The process sub-study assesses a specific set of study qualitative, quantitative and documentary data relating to each cluster. Includes the data collected from staff after participation in the PULSAR training.