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Table 1 Overview of Measures

From: An integrated intervention to reduce intimate partner violence and psychological distress with refugees in low-resource settings: study protocol for the Nguvu cluster randomized trial

Construct Measure # items Assessments
Screening & Primary outcomes Screening
(T0; Week 0)
(T1; Week 0)
Post-Intervention (T2; Week 9) 3-Month Follow-up
(T3; Week 20)
Psychological Distress Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25–Anxiety subscale 10 X   X X
Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25 – Depression subscale 15 X   X X
Harvard Trauma Questionnaire – Part 4 16 X   X X
Intimate Partner Violence Abuse Assessment Screen 5 X    
Demographic and Health Survey Domestic Violence Module 21   X X X
Secondary outcomes     
Functional impairment Items developed in South Kivu and adapted in Nyarugusu during pilot study 12   X X X
Mediators and moderators     
Socio-demographics Locally developed (Screening) 6 X    
Locally developed (Baseline) 16   X   
Suicide Risk Assessment Based on WHO mhGAP procedures 3 X   X X
Serious Mental Illness Based on WHO trial procedures 5 X    
Trauma and major life events Harvard Trauma Questionnaire – Part 1; Items developed in South Kivu 25   X X X
Coping and service use Items developed in South Kivu 13   X X X
Structural social capital Items developed in South Kivu 17   X X X
IPV safety planning Safety-Promoting Behavior Checklist 13   X X X