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Table 1 Example of vignette

From: Serious child and adolescent behaviour disorders; a valuation study by professionals, youth and parents

Conduct Disorder/CD  
A repetitive and persistent pattern of behaviour in which the basic rights of others or appropriate societal norms or rules are violated  
Value the description of the following adolescent:
A boy, 15 years of age, has shown various types of behaviour typical for CD in the past half year. In addition, he uses drugs on a regular basis.
In the past 6 months, he was arrested two times for bag snatching. He often lies to obtain goods or favours or to avoid obligations. He has run away from home several times, and stayed away for a few nights. Four months ago he broke into a garden centre. He is stoned or drunk a few times a week. This behaviour is hampering his school performance. He is often absent for days and at home he is unmanageable.