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Table 1 Overview of the follow-up assessments of the participants

From: Blended care vs. usual care in the treatment of depressive symptoms and disorders in general practice [BLENDING]: study protocol of a non-inferiority randomized trial

Measures Description Baseline Week 1–10 3 months 6 months 12 months
HRSD-17 Depressive symptom rating X   X   X
EMA Daily real time ratings of emotion, affect and events   X    
SCID-I Diagnosis of current depressive disorder X     
QIDS-16 Depressive symptoms rating   X    
WHODAS-II Functional impairment and activity limitation X   X   X
EQ-5D Health status X   X   X
Daily activity section of Leidsche Rijn Health Questionnaire Regular daily activities X   X   X
Treatment satisfaction     X   X
TIC-P Direct and indirect costs    X X X
Demographics Socio-demographic characteristics X     
Resource use Medication use, number of referrals and GP consultations      X
  1. HRSD-17: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, 17 items
  2. EMA: ecological momentary assessments
  3. SCID-I: Structured Clinical Interview for DSM disorders
  4. QIDS-16: quick inventory of depressive symptomatology, 16 items
  5. WHODAS-II: WHO Disability Schedule 2.0
  6. EQ-5D: EuroQol five dimensions questionnaire
  7. TIC-P: Trimbos and iMTA questionnaire on Costs associated with Psychiatric illness
  8. GP: general practitioner