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Table 5 Synthesis of the main bivariate and multivariate significant results regarding contextual factors and social support factors

From: Overview of post-discharge predictors for psychiatric re-hospitalisations: a systematic review of the literature

Contextual factors and social support No. of sig. Studies/Total no. of studies Main significant results bivariate Main significant results multivariate
Geographical variables (proximity to services) 2/2 Risk factor Risk factor: 1 Proximity to hospital Risk factor: 1 Being discharged to a location near a Narcotics Anonymous meeting place and in an area with low educational attainment
Support/lack of support of the family (criticism, maladaptive functioning, stigma) 4/4 Protective factor Protective factor:1 Supportive comments Risk factors: 3 Maladaptive family system functioning. Criticism or rejection of the patient. Family’s agreement with hospitalization
Peer support 1/1 Protective factor Protective factor: 1 Being assigned to a recovery mentor No significant results