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Table 2 Results of a Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the EBQ (N = 573) Standardised Regression Weights & Communality

From: Confirmatory factor analysis and examination of the psychometric properties of the eating beliefs questionnaire

EBQ Items F1: Negative Beliefs F2: Positive Beliefs Communality (h2)
I will never be able to control my urges to eat .656   .431
My eating will always need to be controlled .626   .392
Once I start eating I can’t stop .796   .633
I have no willpower in relation to food .738   .544
I can’t control my eating because I am weak .829   .687
If I don’t control myself I would never stop eating .770   .593
There is nothing I can do to stop eating .671   .451
Eating helps me to cope   .673 .453
Eating helps to reduce unpleasant physical feelings   .646 .417
Eating means I don’t have to think about negative things   .781 .610
Eating helps to control my emotions   .774 .599
Eating keeps my feelings at a tolerable level   .762 .580
Eating helps me to cope with negative thoughts   .897 .805
Eating helps me to cope with unpleasant physical sensations   .750 .562
Eating helps me cope with negative feelings   .893 .797
Eating helps to stop feelings that I don’t like   .870 .758
Correlation (F1 & F2) r = .63