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Table 6 Correlations between EBQ Scores and Measures of Eating-Related and General Psychopathology

From: Confirmatory factor analysis and examination of the psychometric properties of the eating beliefs questionnaire

  EBQ Total Score Negative Beliefs Scale Positive Beliefs Scale
n = 767
 BMI .334a .362a .253a
n = 648
 DASS-21 Depression .503a .483a .429a
 DASS-21 Anxiety .418a .361a .387a
 DASS-21 Stress .457a .394a .425a
n = 610
 EDE-Q - Objective Binge Episodes (OBE) .389a .395a .316a
 EDE-Q – OBE + Loss of Control .515a .555a .391a
 EDE-Q Global Score .643a .726 a .464a
 EDE-Q Restraint .388a .517a .221a
 EDE-Q Eating Concern .643a .720 a .469a
 EDE-Q Shape Concern .630a .683a .477a
 EDE-Q Weight Concern .647a .694a .494a
n = 283
 EDBQ Negative Self-Beliefs .542a .541a .458a
 EDBQ Acceptance by Others .563a .581a .463a
 EDBQ Self-Acceptance .423a .486a .313a
 EDBQ Control over Eating .564a .644a .422a
 ED-CBQ Self-Loathing .493a .474a .429a
 ED-CBQ Demanding/Needing Help .494a .466a .436a
 ED-CBQ Unassertive/Inhibited .460a .421a .414a
 ED-CBQ High Standards for Self −.146 b −.172 b −.106 b
 DERS Total Score .562a .521a .501a
 DEBQ Emotional Eating .674a .611a .610a
 DEBQ External Eating .371a .361a .320a
  1. aPearson Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (two-tailed)
  2. bPearson Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (two-tailed)