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Table 5 Examples of incident descriptions of victimization of dual diagnosis patients ordered by type of perpetrator

From: Gender differences in characteristics of physical and sexual victimization in patients with dual diagnosis: a cross-sectional study

 A stranger that I met on the streets promised me drugs, so I went with him to his place. When we were there he suddenly started to undress me.
 Two guys pulled me from my bike, knocked me down and threatened me with a knife. They took the money from my wallet.
 I used all our money to buy cocaine. When my partner found out she got angry and hit me.
 I got home late, which made my husband think I cheated on him and therefore he beat me up.
Fellow patient
 He is very short tempered and outside he suddenly kicked me in the shins because of an argument we had earlier at daycare.
 We were both admitted in the clinic. He made sexually offensive remarks and touched my intimate body parts.